99 Años El Universal April 28, 2008

Oscar Mora: Ode to nature

He does not regret having emigrated and although at some point questioned his work as a flower arranger, today he is certain that he has a solid career before him


Nine years ago he emigrated to New York without papers and with only 600 dollars in cash. "I worked as an innkeeper, sanding furniture, cleaning apartments and freelancing with flower companies." 

Today, Oscar Mora is one of the most sought-after flower arrangers in the United States. His clients include Valentino, Channel, Max Mara, Puma, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Elle Decor magazine. 

He decided to leave Venezuela because "for 10 years, I had tried all the options, exhausted the possibilities and, as the government (Hugo) Chavez had just taken, it was difficult for me to accept having as president a person whose first appearance on camera Came out aupando the people and saying: The contact with the flowers reminded him of the artistic works of his youth, when he painted and drew. "I began to feel that the vases became the canvas. It was very funny and I became more and more interested." In addition, being an immigrant forced him to seek quick results and, when comparing this work with the design of an interior space, he realized that "to make a flower arrangement is extremely short and fast, it goes with the rhythm of the city" . Mora says his success is due to "constancy, a lot of effort and patience." Not in vain is Martha Stewart's collaborator, for whom he made arrangements for the media presentation when he reopened his television show. He has been invited twice to the show - in September of 2007 and February of this year, in the special of San Valentín -, besides publishing works for its magazine. From Venezuela, to which he has only returned once since he left, he misses "the vegetation around us, the exuberance of the green ... that we, as we have all along, do not realize how important it is ". It recalls the magic that it feels to cross the park Henri Pittier to go to Choroni and the red cayenne, which reminds him of his childhood. And although he never uses it in his arrangements "because it is not commercial and not bought in the market", he tries to use tropical material, such as banana leaves, in his works. Although his family is most desirous, He does not regret the decision he made. "Seeing my work recognized in a company like that of Martha Stewart, which is a top level with respect to floral work, I realized that it is important, that I dedicated myself to something that I do not simply like, satisfies and fascinates me , But I'm really creating a career. "

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